What is a doula?

A doula is professional who provides emotional and physical support to women and their families at any point along their journey from pregnancy to childbirth to parenthood. Bergen County Doulas serves women in the community during three specific times: the antepartum period, labor & delivery, and the early postpartum period.

How do I know I'm choosing a GREAT doula?

Because doula work is highly personal, it's of the utmost importance that you choose a doula with whom you can be comfortable and open. As you interview doulas, make sure to ask questions about the organization they've certified with, the most meaningful part of the work for them, if they have references to provide you with, and whether they can support you fully in your wishes. Additionally, make sure you understand all of the terms of the contract under which a doula provides services, and double-check logistics such as whether she is available for the dates you need and whether she works with back-up.

At Bergen County Doulas, we make it a priority to provide our clients with the most up-to-date, evidence-based research about all topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period, and newborn care. What's more, we are particularly attuned to the local climate, and can direct our clients to the best resources available in Bergen County and the immediate surrounding areas. These practices are cornerstones of our care, and together fulfill a promise to our clients that we are committed to providing unparalleled support. 

Does a doula replace my partner during childbirth?

Absolutely not. When you work with Bergen County Doulas, your doula functions as another member of your support team; therefore, her role is to complement, not replace, your partner. No third party can imitate the intimacy of your relationship, so rather than try to be a part of that, our doulas try to channel the connection you already have and maximize your partner's strengths to help him/her support you in managing labor and delivery successfully.

aren't doulas only for women who want an all-natural birth or holistic lifestyle?

Not at all; in fact, we are for everyone who is open to having us. Bergen County Doulas understands that people choose to live their lives in all manners, and we respect and value that autonomy. Because we remain objective in all situations, we will never push a client to make a decision. What's more, because we ask that clients spend time articulating their wishes and vision for their experience, we are able to personally tailor our services to their preferences and needs. Once we present information that is both relevant to the client and within our scope, we are happy to proceed accordingly alongside the client, regardless of which decisions she has made. We enjoy working with families of all backgrounds, beliefs, religions, cultures, orientations, and races. 

Why would I use an antepartum/postpartum doula instead of a housekeeper or nanny?

Just like housekeepers and nannies fulfill a need in the world, so do doulas. Because our doulas are trained professionals, they are sensitive to the specific needs of expectant women and new mothers alike. While a housekeeper may do an amazing job sanitizing your bathroom and cleaning out your refrigerator, she is not going to be attuned to the needs of a woman who is 34 weeks pregnant and on bed rest due to preeclampsia. Likewise, while a nanny may do a great job of bathing your newborn or playing with your toddler in the park, she has not been trained to assist a mother with breastfeeding techniques or incision care post-Cesarean section. What's more, neither of these roles satisfies the main role of the doula, which is to nurture the mother's relationship with her child, both before and after the child's birth. So while you may need both a housekeeper AND a nanny, neither one will replace the support you'll receive from a trained doula.