Many women across the world experience high-risk pregnancies and require extra support before the arrival of their babies. This time in your life is already transformative and challenging enough in and of itself--having any complications can be understandably stressful and upsetting. Our doulas' non-judgmental involvement and encouragement throughout pregnancy can help high-risk women feel more positively about their pregnancy and impending childbirth. When you work with one of our antepartum doulas, her attention and compassion allow you to manage pregnancy & prepare for your new family member with a sense of calm and security. 

Our antepartum doula services are available for everyone, but especially for those with special circumstances. This support caters to a range of women, including but not limited to those who:

  • have a history of infertility and accompanying treatments
  • have a history of miscarriage
  • have been placed on bedrest/modified bedrest
  • have been diagnosed with: gestational diabetes; hyperemesis gravidarum; perinatal depression; preeclampsia
  • are carrying multiples
  • are otherwise classified as high-risk

INVESTMENT: $40/hour; packages start at 40 hours; all shifts are a minimum of 4 hours