When you invite one of our postpartum doulas into your home, you can count on her to help nourish family bonds, strengthen parenting skills, and instill feelings of confidence by being educated, present, and attentive during this transitional time. She is there to not only help you get through your daily routines, but also help you make improvements to your daily routines. Our postpartum doulas' focus is on the mother-baby relationship and, as such, their presence helps encourage you to work on that relationship while feeling fully supported. 

Because every family's situation is different, the services our postpartum doulas provide are different each time. Some of the tasks we are happy to help with include, but are not limited to:

  • assistance with baby's care (so you can shower/rest/pump/run an errand/cook/play with an older sibling, etc.)
  • assistance with your care (vaginal & Cesarean section recovery help/watchful eye for postpartum depression/ someone to talk to who will listen in an unbiased, supportive manner, etc.)
  • tutorials about newborn care (diaper changes, bathing, soothing, swaddling, baby wearing, etc.)
  • overnight support to help you (and your partner/other family members) get some sleep and recover
  • breastfeeding, bottle feeding, & pumping support
  • grocery shopping & meal preparation
  • light cleaning 

DAYTIME INVESTMENT: $49/hour; packages start at 40 hours; all shifts are a minimum of 4 hours

OVERNIGHT INVESTMENT: $49/hour; packages start at 40 hours; all shifts are a minimum of 8 hours